The Health Video Production Company with a Social Conscience.

Health Video Production

The Jasper Picture Company wants to be your partner in creating video content that gets watched.

And yes, we also do stills.

The Jasper Picture Company wants
to be your partner in creating
video content that gets watched.
And yes, we also do stills.

Who are we?

"The Jasper Picture Company is your local, friendly production company with a social conscience. Made up of a diligent team of seasoned professionals, as well as a few wildly enthusiastic newcomers, this small business works tirelessly to create high-quality video content for businesses, not for profits, and government organisations.

The Jasper Picture Company was started in 2014 by Matt Jasper. Owing to his past work across the South-Pacific, The Jasper Picture Company has crews and contacts throughout the region, meaning there is no project too far away from us. This has been particularly relevant during Coronavirus owing to the numerous and often sudden border closures. Our many teams across the country meant productions could go ahead without having to cross state lines.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been producing linguistically diverse health messaging with the North West Melbourne Primary Health Network and the Department of Health, through the LOTE Agency. We are also in the process of creating CALD videos for both Hume City Council and PANDA, an organisation supporting women with Perinatal Anxiety and Depression. These have been some of our most fulfilling projects, ensuring communities across Victoria have access to accurate health information.

Since starting The Jasper Picture Company, Matt has become an Accredited Professional Video Producer and the Jasper Picture Company was named one of the top 20 B2B firms in Australia in the Clutch 2021 business awards.

The Jasper Picture Company is dedicated to storytelling at its finest. For big or small screens with big or small budgets, we take pride in creating beautiful and emotive videos with people we care about, for people we care about."

Our Work: NWMPHN

"NWMPHN realised its multicultural community needed more focused and empathetic messaging to help them survive the second lockdown and whatever else the Pandemic had in store.

NWMPHN came up with a plan to reconfigure healthcare communication. Identifying the 18 most common and overlooked languages across their region, NWMPHN partnered with the Jasper Picture Company to produce a video in each, providing crucial and targeted health messages.

A feat of logistics, the video production of this campaign meant finding 18 separate speakers, locations and shoot times. Of the 18 videos, 16 were in languages other than English, spanning across two-thirds of the globe. The Jasper Picture Company wrote a simple script in English which was then translated by a company, resulting in the 16 versions. Each video featured a community volunteer, sourced through NWMPHN and The Jasper Picture Company’s networks, speaking from an identical script translated into their community’s language.
The views speak for themselves. The two edited videos featuring all 18 speakers have garnered almost 50,000 views between them.

However, it’s the solo videos which represent the largest impact. These videos were run without English subtitles, limiting their audience to those which speak the language. Many of these have been viewed thousands of times. Tamil has 7,000 views, Greek has 8,000, across two videos Arabic has almost 20,000 and the single video in Vietnamese has been viewed over 23,000 times. We can see that these views would be"

Offering #1 - Pay as you go

Create content on an ad-hoc basis, project based, that allows you to create content as you need it.

We can start by helping you with the video strategy - what do you want the video to do and
who do you want to see it?

We can help you to turn your ideas into a script or story outline, maintaining a focus on your desired goals.
We have a presence in every state of Australia so we can film locally, wherever your story is, and then have post production completed in Melbourne to bring a consistent look to all of your projects.

We can create content that engages with your target audience leading them to a desired call to action or not, depending on your desired outcome.

We bring broadcast quality production techniques to every production and can utilise drones, photography and time lapse as well as 4k production techniques while on location to future proof your video material.

Pricing for these productions varies based on requirements.

Offering #2 - Retainer

Our retainer model brings everything that you get in our pay as you go model, but
super charges it.

It brings consistency to your message by entering into an agreed number of days of production each month that can be used on planning, filming or editing.

Our current retainer clients include St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), North Western Melbourne PHN and Dean Publishing.

These clients see a reduction in their production costs throughout the year and a predictable budget month to month that they can utilise to drive engagement across their social media platforms, website and internal content delivery systems.

All you need to do is agree to a certain number of days per month and then those days can be used to film in Camberwell or Cairns.It could be as simple as two days a month where one is used for filming and the other for editing.

Depending on the number of days agreed to, it can drop production
costs by half giving you more bang for your marketing buck.

Our work

Video Production Melbourne

St Vincent's Recruitment Video

We helped St Vincent's hospital send out an appeal for health care workers across Australia and New Zealand to join the St V's team. This emotional plea came amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, when Melbourne hospitals were often treating Covid patients and were in need of aid. The video has had 55,000 views just on Facebook and helped St Vincent's stay strong throughout Melbourne's second lockdown.

NWMPHN Covid Public Service

In 2020, we teamed up with the North West Melbourne Primary Health Network to create a Covid public service message for linguistically diverse communities. The videos featured 18 different languages which followed the same script to provide key information to groups which had often been overlooked in wide spread messaging. The campaign has garnered almost half a million views.
video production Melbourne Christmas

St Vincent's Christmas Video

On one of our funnest projects, we created a timeless and extremely memorable Christmas video for the St Vincent's Hospital. Creating an entire music video utilising hospital staff and patients, the video differs greatly from the typical Christmas video. The video has garnered 12,000 on Facebook alone and received a wide range of positive feedback, as staff enjoyed ending a tough year with something so uplifting.I n fact, our camera operator and editor Emel has said this was one of her favourite videos of 2020.

Catholic Health Australia - Thank You

We worked with Catholic Health Australia to create a series of videos thanking their workforce for their work throughout theCoronavirus pandemic. We spent two days at Catholic Health locations filming doctors, nurses, ground staff and caterers whilst they worked. The videos have hundreds of views and were greatly appreciated by the Catholic Health Staff, receiving plenty of positive feedback for their acknowledgment of what had been a trying time.

St Vincent's - 

The Aikenhead building at St Vincent's hospital was home to nurses for over 65 years. Before it's eventually knocked down, we were able to get in and capture the final moments of this great building, interviewing a couple of 30 years who met inside it's halls. This video has received a wealth of positive feedback, with nurses reminiscing about their experiences under the Aikenhead roof and garnering almost 10,000 views in the first 24 hours.

St Vincent's and the Salvos

We helped St Vincent's hospital send out an appeal for health care workers across Australia and New Zealand to join the St V's team. This emotional plea came amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, whenMelbourne hospitals were often treating Covid patients and were in need of aid. The video has had 55,000 views just on Facebook and helped St Vincent's stay strong throughout Melbourne's second lockdown.

Our Team

Matt Jasper

Matt has pretty much shot everything in his 28 year career. From wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to World Cups and the Olympics.He recently shot a feature film, The Five Provocations and a feature doco on cycling commentator Phil Liggett. He also was the DoP on the TVDocumentary “Father of the Fair Go” about Maurice Blackburn. Matt has shot commercials in Australia and is the recipient of ten Australian Cinematographer Society Awards and two Amnesty International Media awards.

Josie De Sousa-Reay

Josie assists in all aspects of video production.Alongside producing, Josie is also our resident music supervisor, thanks to a background in the music industry. Josie most recently worked as a music supervisor on nationally syndicated TVDocumentary “Father of the Fair Go” aboutMaurice Blackburn and produced videos for clients Airabode, Greenpeace and FortKnox

Rui De Sousa

Senior Editor/Post Production Supervisor
Rui’s career began at the ABC as an editor and producer for Rock Arena,Countdown, The Factory and Behind the News amongst many others. Asa seasoned editor, Rui can take any footage and create inspirational and informative videos to perfectly illustrate a company or product's story. Short or long form, Rui has you covered.

Emel Berdilek

Camera Operator/Editor
Emel is one of our video heads. With a background as a techy at La TrobeUniversity; showing students the ropes in all areas of video production& livestream, she is now channeling all of that hereat JPC. You may see her lugging around cases and gear, shooting video on your production days or receiving your content from her through a friendly email.

Let’s work together

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the form below.
  • Matt and his team are absolutely brilliant at what they do! True experts and professionals who provide not just top-notch expertise, skills and services but also peace of mind in delivering large projects for a number of audiences nationally as well as internationally. Matt's skills are the best in the field and having work worked with him for years now on multiple projects, I trust him to provide exceptional service each time. He is a truly gifted cinematographer and a thorough professional. I highly recommend him and his team!
    Shiv Nair
    Maurice Blackburn
  • I would recommend Matt Jasper and Jasper Pictures without hesitation. They're professional, practical and creative storytellers who are easy to work with. Matt is a brilliant cinematographer and has a great team working with him.
    Mary Anne Toy
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