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The Jasper Picture Company is your local, friendly production company with a social conscience. Made up of a hard-working team of seasoned professionals, as well as a few wildly enthusiastic newcomers; our small business works tirelessly to create high-quality video content for businesses, not-for-profits, and governmental organisations who need quality Video Production in Melbourne.

About TJPC

The Jasper Picture Company was started in 2014 by Matt Jasper, following his many years working as a freelance Director of Photography and a cameraman and editor with the ABC and ITN in China, the Middle East and Asia. Owing to his past work across the South-Pacific, The Jasper Picture Company has crews and contacts throughout the region, meaning there is no project too far away from us. This has been particularly relevant during Coronavirus owing to the numerous and often sudden border closures. Our many teams across the country meant productions could go ahead without having to cross state lines.

A little more about us

Since starting The Jasper Picture Company, Matt has become an Accredited Professional Video Producer and the Jasper Picture Company was named one of the top 20 B2B firms in Australia in the Clutch 2021 business awards.

The Jasper Picture Company is dedicated to storytelling at its finest. For big or small screens with big or small budgets, we take pride in creating beautiful and emotive videos with people we care about, for people we care about.

About our work

At Jasper Pictures, we’re extremely proud of the videos that we produce. We put a great deal of care and effort into any content we create. Sourcing the highest quality equipment, working with world-renowned talent, and source any and all feedback that we can get.
We’ve worked with a range of companies, including not-for-profits and governmental bodies, each with different objectives and audiences. We’re the top Video Production Company located in Melbourne.
A uniting factor, however, is that we work with organisations with a similar social value to ourselves. We enjoy working with those who better the community around them, our social conscious directs our work. Over the years we have created a lot of work that we and our clients can be extremely proud of.
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During the Covid-19 pandemic and Victoria’s second shut down, we worked with North West Melbourne Primary Health Network to deliver Covid safe health information to linguistically diverse communities in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Though filming was, of course, difficult given the circumstances, we were able to record and connect with a range of communities and deliver health information directly to the people in need. During this time we also worked with St Vincent Hospital and Catholic Health to share any messaged they required whilst struggling under the pressure of the pandemic. It is work such as this which we enjoy the most, helping our local community.

How it works, getting started is easy

Video production is everything which goes into creating your favourite video content. From early stages pre-planning to final edits, video production includes each stage of the process until the final video release.


The early stages of this start following an initial enquiry, at which point we launch into pre-production. Planning a shoot can take time and resources, as we may need to script, work out a strategy, find talent, scout locations. It is essentially finding the perfect way to create your vision. Pre-production also helps reduce costs later in the process. Pre-production days are cheaper than filming or edit days and the more prepared you are going into a filming day the less time it will take to film and edit.


Production is where the filming takes place. You might have a producer, videographer, sound recordist all come out to your place of work, so they can capture all of the elements required to get your message across. The crew will use 4k cameras, drones, professional lighting and audio to make sure that it is all recorded in a broadcast-quality way. They can also take photographs, stills, that you can use across social media or through internal platforms. Your shoot might take a half-day, or five days, whatever it takes to get the job done. These shoots can also take place anywhere in Australia as we have crews all over the country ready to jump into action wherever you are.


Editing and post-production is where all of the elements are brought together using high end video equipment. It is where voice-overs are added, graphics are created and music is chosen. An audio mix can be done along with a colour grade (making all of the colours consistent) and we can also do captions. Included in all of our packages are two rounds of edit changes, you can find our pricing here.

Let’s work together

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  • Matt and his team are absolutely brilliant at what they do! True experts and professionals who provide not just top-notch expertise, skills and services but also peace of mind in delivering large projects for a number of audiences nationally as well as internationally. Matt's skills are the best in the field and having work worked with him for years now on multiple projects, I trust him to provide exceptional service each time. He is a truly gifted cinematographer and a thorough professional. I highly recommend him and his team!
    Shiv Nair
    Maurice Blackburn
  • I would recommend Matt Jasper and Jasper Pictures without hesitation. They're professional, practical and creative storytellers who are easy to work with. Matt is a brilliant cinematographer and has a great team working with him.
    Mary Anne Toy
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